Vascular Ultrasound -How Does The Procedure Look Like?

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The ultrasound vascular system checks the arteries and the veins in the human body. This test helps in determining the anomalies in the blood vessels. It effectively detects if the blood vessels have blockages or if they are narrowed. This test checks the blood vessels in any body part without prior preparation, like anesthesia or needles. If you are facing any heart issues or if the doctor wants to check for any blockages, then the patient is prescribed a vascular ultrasound. 

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What to expect during the vascular ultrasound? 

A vascular ultrasound is a painless imaging test. An ultrasound examiner makes sure that you remain comfortable throughout the examination. He or she applies gel to the transducer. It is then applied to the required area of the body. It then transmits painless, painless high-frequency sound waves throughout the body part. Trasduce then picks up the sound that bounces back and generates images. 

Once all the images are generated with the help of the test, these images are sent to the radiologist for interpretation. The radiologists then interpret these images, and the report is sent to the doctors. On average, the vascular ultrasound requires 30 to 45 minutes to complete, and you may get the report within one or two days. 

How should I prepare?

To prepare yourself for the vascular ultrasound test, make sure to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. You may have to remove all the clothes and jewelry during the test for the examination. 

The healthcare center may provide you with a gown to get changes into for the test.  Apart from that, if a vascular ultrasound is performed on the abdominal vessel, you would be asked to fast before the procedure. 

If the ultrasound has to be performed on a child, ensure they are informed about the procedure in advance. This would help them to stay calm during the procedure as it is a sensitive process, and continuous movement, crying, etc., may lead to increased time. 

What does the equipment look like?

The ultrasound machine has a computer console, video monitor, and an attached transducer. 

At times, the examination may need different transducers with different capabilities. The healthcare taker applies a small amount of gel on the area that needs examination. Then, the transducer is placed there. The waves travel between the body and the transducer due to the gel applied to the area. 

The ultrasound image can be instantly seen on the monitor. The images are created based on the loudness and the signal returned to the transducer. 

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