How to Reduce Your Sugar Intake naturally?

How to Reduce Your Sugar Intake naturally?

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You may not be aware of it, but sugar can be deadly. Yes, everyone loves a sweet treat every now and then. However, eating too much sugar can cause all kinds of health problems. The worst thing about sugar in your diet is it has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. That’s why Natural way of living and knowing how to reduce your sugar intake is vital if you want to maintain your health.

Learn how to read the labels

Luckily, in today’s modern grocery store, we have a tool that our grandparents didn’t have. The nutrition labels on products provide you with exactly the right amount of information to make good purchasing decisions. A quick scan of the percentages of your daily nutritional values is all it takes to know how much sugar is in the product.

If you’ve got the time, you can take a deep dive and read the ingredients. You can find all kinds of valuable information regarding the product there. However, you need to be aware that companies are kind of sketchy when it comes to coming right out and telling you what’s in products. You’ll need to decipher the funky words they put in the ingredient lists so that you fully understand.

Basically, what you’re looking for is the daily percent of your nutritional values. Any other information is nice to have, but it really doesn’t matter. It only matters if you’re wanting to really figure out what’s in the product.

Be careful when purchasing tomato products.

Tomato products such as spaghetti sauce and ketchup can be loaded with sugar. Some brands of ketchup are so sweet they taste like tomato flavored pudding. You think that just because the sauce is made from tomatoes that it’s good for you, but it isn’t. All that sugar is worse for you than if you were eating candy in some situations.

You have two choices when it comes to these sugary tomato sauces, and the first option is to buy the ones with the least amount of sugar in them. It’s hard to find ketchup that isn’t loaded with sugar, but they do exist. The other option is to make your own sauces at home. You’re probably not going to make your own ketchup, but when it comes to something like spaghetti sauce, making your own isn’t too difficult.

Sugary drinks are the worst

Everyone knows that soda pop isn’t good for you. Did you know that each can of soda pop has roughly half a cup of sugar in it? How many cans of soda pop do you drink per day? All that sugar in soda pop makes ketchup look like health food.

Coffee drinks at restaurants can be loaded with sugar as well. If you like a little sugar in your coffee, buy black coffee and put your own sweetener in it. At least if you add sugar yourself, you’ll be able to control how much is in it.

There are two other sources of sugar in drinks that you might not be aware of. The last one is juice, which is a big one. People think that just because they’re drinking juice, it’s safe. It isn’t. Also, if you’re the type who likes to have a few cocktails after work at a bar, be careful because they can be loaded with sugar. A glass of wine or a beer is much better for you than a cocktail that’s loaded with sugar.

You are what you eat

Are you a bowl of sugar? Hopefully you’re not. At least, hopefully you won’t be after reading this. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some sugar every now and then, the problem becomes when you’re eating so much sugar that it reeks all kinds of havoc on your health.

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